Zilker Kite Festival – Austin, TX

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On Sunday, my sister, Stacey, and my nephew, Trey, and I went to the Zilker Kite Festival here in Austin. It was awesome!!

It was kind of a last minute decision to go, since my sister was visiting from out of town. I had planned to go with Mark, but he was out of town for his college choir reunion. So we parked down the street from the festival and took a pedicab to the park. Yay for supporting local businesses (especially a business that is SO Austin), but man, the pedicab ride was expensive.

Next year, I am making sure Mark will be able to go with me, and since we only live about 4.5 miles away from Zilker Park, we will ride our bikes there. AND take the dogs. AND bring food and a blanket to lounge on. You know, all the stuff we DIDN’T do this year. :)

I loved it anyway!! There were so many people there, and it was the most gorgeous day and weather we’ve had since the fall. Perfect. It just made me so grateful to be living in this city again.

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Watching everyone try to fly a kite was pretty dog-gone hilarious. The wind was awesome for kite-flying, but the talent from everyone was not so good. :)  In being at the festival, you HAD to be okay with a kite dive-bombing your head, or getting clothes-lined from the kite strings.

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There were all sorts of kites, from home-made, to professional-looking ones, to store bought ones with Cinderella printed on them. This dragon one was my favorite! So cool.

 photo zilkerkitefestival2013_08_zpsedb6f94d.jpg
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I can’t even begin to try to explain to you how many people were there. It felt like the whole city of Austin was there!! It’s a free festival, so it makes sense.

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I have no idea why some people were flying their kites around these trees. Poor kites met their fates through branches. I saw a lot of kites accidentally let go, as well. It was so windy that the kites just took off upwards like helium-filled balloons.

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My nephew had fun running around, finding the kites with Nemo and Lightening McQueen on them, playing in the dirt, and climbing trees. Such a cutie.

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We had such a great time. If you ever get the chance, PLEASE visit Austin in the spring-time. It is perfect here.

[All photos were taken in March 2013.]


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    Ugh, this kite festival is amazing. I have a kite and my husband thinks I am such a dork for loving to fly it. Every time in the summer when it is crazy windy, I get all excited.

    I used to row in college and we raced UT on Lady Bird Lake every March. That was my absolute favorite trip every single year. Austin is a great place to be in Spring :)

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