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to whom it may concern: part 5

it’s been another pet-peevy day. thanks for listening to my rants! if you couldn’t tell already, i get annoyed easily. it is one of my faults. but getting it out makes me feel much better! if you want to learn of my other pet-peeves, click here!

dear new pinterest users:
i can tell you aren’t a crafter yourself because of the things you say relating to pinterest. when i see you commenting, “that’s SO pinterest” on a picture of a new wreath your friend put up on facebook, i see that as a put-down. why? well, what if they came up with that themselves and you just credited pinterest instead of them?

but even if they DID get the idea off of pinterest, crediting pinterest is still a put-down…to the original crafter. saying, “i just made some amazing pinterest cookies” does NOT make sense. they are not pinterest cookies. someone pinned that originally (probably from a blog) from someone who worked hard to originate those cookies. credit THEM, not pinterest. the pinterest site is merely a cool bookmarking site. so crediting pinterest would be the same as me bookmarking an article written by leslie knope, then saying, “i just read an amazing bookmark article!” does that make sense? no. if i saw that someone made an original craft or recipe of mine and credited pinterest instead of me, i would get mad! (actually, that HAS happened.) if you were a crafter or cook or upcycler yourself, you would understand.

pinterest is an amazing website. we all know that. such a great idea. so credit them for THAT, not for what you pinned on their site. pinterest did not make that valentine’s day wreath. did. credit them.

i’m glad that you have been inspired by what you see on pinterest enough to start creating, crafting, cooking, and doing. keep it up, but give credit where credit is due.


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I’m a little late to the game, but I’m going to try to participate in Jenni’s awesome Blog Every Day in May challenge. I know for a fact that I won’t do every day. But I will try to do as many as I can.

Today, the subject is “things that make me uncomfortable”. And I chose to include 6 things, since going to a primarily Baptist school in junior high brainwashed me into being uncomfortable with the number 6. So there’s a bonus for ya.

But let’s get one thing straight. Something that makes me uncomfortable is totally different than something that gets on my nerves. Pet-peeves make me shake my head or want to fix what is wrong – like grammatical errors and people that still do the duck-face. When I’m uncomfortable about something, I squirm in my seat or have a strong desire to run away. If you want a list of my pet-peeves, go here. But the following is what makes me uncomfortable:

1. Maternity forums. There’ve been a few times in my married life that I’ve thought I was pregnant. So, of course, I googled my symptoms and found my way onto these forums. Whew! Let me tell ya, these woman have NOTHING to hide, especially when they are baby-crazed and trying to conceive. They get into everything from baby names to midwifery to things I would never talk about. Just reading that a mother is about to name her child “Hashtag” makes me uncomfortable, so yes, EVERYTHING ELSE about these forums do too.

2. Kids from the ages of about 2-10 that I’ve just met. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kids. I’m also pretty good with them…once I get to know them. But no kid is the same, so I feel like I’ve gotta feel ‘em out before I can get to their level and be able to play with them. I’ve even put my foot in my mouth a few times in some situations: “Nice to meet you, Sally! Oooh, I love drawing too! Look, I’ll draw you an elephant!” And then the kid screams and yells that she was sprayed in the face by an elephant at the zoo last week. You just never know. But tweens are easy. They all like the same stuff. Same with babies.

3. Cats. Pretty much same as above. ;)

4. Talking about myself. I am a very private person. In fact, I have made a promise to myself and to my readers to be more open and vulnerable on this blog. So this post in itself is a big step. You should see me in person, though. When I’m particularly vulnerable, I start shaking and twitching uncontrollably. It’s super weird, but it has always happened. If I’m with someone, I try to pass it off as being cold. :)

5. Having to talk to the camera in a video. Which is why you’ll never see me vlog on here. (MAYBE if it was just my voice. Maybe.) I really don’t know why being in videos makes me so uncomfortable. I guess I’m just a perfectionist, so I second guess everything I’m about to say. Catch me in a candid moment, and I’d probably be hilarious in a video, as long as I’m not speaking TO the camera.

6. PDA (Public Displays of Affection). This includes seeing others engaging in PDA, along with myself engaging in PDA. I just don’t do it. Even holding hands with my husband is hard for me to do in public. And kissing?? No way. I know what it feels like to see it and be uncomfortable, so I never want to do that to others.