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hello everyone. first of all, i’d like to apologize about skipping out on my creativity party last week. i WILL be hosting it this week, on wednesday. so sorry, guys.
i’ve been crazy busy this past week. i’ve been de-cluttering and gathering things for a community-wide garage sale coming up in my mom and dad’s neighborhood. i have SO MUCH CRAP! and i am so excited to be getting rid of it all. i will update you all on how that goes and also some tips and tricks i learned to have a better garage sale. and we’ll see if they worked! oh and if you live in houston or the roundabouts, you should come! it will be located in coles crossing community (a neighborhood in cypress), this saturday, november 12.
another thing that happened this week was a pretty big deal, but i can’t go into the details. all i can do is ask for your prayers for my family. BIG prayers, please. my family and i would appreciate it tremendously. thanks so much.
in the meantime, i am going to leave you with a little color inspiration. i created this palette using colour lovers (an online community), which i loveee. i took this photo last fall at a creek bed in a park. i love the colors.

see you soon, with more posts! i promise.
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