Quinn and Mozart – Brothers!!

 photo greatdanes_01.jpg

This past week, Quinn and Mozart made great strides with their relationship.During the first two weeks of Mozart being home, Quinn was pretty indifferent. He didn’t really care about Mozart, and just left him alone.

But last week, they voluntarily played with each other for the first time!! I saw them start mouth-jousting, and I was so excited!! I called for Mark to come and watch, and we both looked on with pride at our children. :) Finally, brothers being brothers!!

 photo greatdanes_02.jpg
 photo greatdanes_03.jpg
 photo greatdanes_04.jpg
Ahh, not the face!

 photo greatdanes_05.jpg
 photo greatdanes_06.jpg
 photo greatdanes_07.jpg
His wrinkled forehead is the best.

 photo greatdanes_08.jpg

 photo greatdanes_09.jpg
 photo greatdanes_10.jpg
Aww, they love each other. Yay!! :) And look at that eye! Cutie.

 photo greatdanes_11.jpg
 photo greatdanes_12.jpg
Love this.

 photo greatdanes_13.jpg
Hug time!

 photo greatdanes_14.jpg
Blurry photo, but so cute. Smush!

 photo greatdanes_15.jpg
 photo greatdanes_16.jpg

 photo greatdanes_17.jpg
 photo greatdanes_18.jpg
 photo greatdanes_19.jpg

 photo greatdanes_20.jpg

This one is my favorite!! Haha. What a funny dude. They love playing together now. And I love it!! This is the exact reason we wanted another dog. They are finally brothers!!

Also, Mozart is growing at the speed of light. He’s getting huge! And so is my love for him! :)


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    Oooh I love danes. We have a german shepherd and doberman right now who were combined with marriage, and they are BEST buds. Next on our list might have to be a dane though. They just have SO much character!

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    so cute bailey! David and I were talking last night about getting another one (I’ve finally convinced him–but in 2 years he says) and we just couldn’t wrap our minds around how we’d be able to love another dog as much as we love dakota!

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