NOTE: I am on discretionary hiatus because of health conditions. What does this mean? This means that I still want you to e-mail me with your design interests, but I am only taking on up to one client a month, and the projects I take on will have to be something that I absolutely LOVE. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to my design services page!

Do you have a small business that needs a stand-apart logo? Are you opening up an Etsy shop? Have you been eyeing custom wedding invitations? Are you in the beginning of branding your business and don't know where to start?

Keep reading for more info on hiring Let Birds Fly as your digital design guru. :)

I've loved graphic design since I was in high school. I've been a Photoshop geek ever since good ol' CS1 came out, back in 2003 (I thank my high school photography teacher for that). Since high school, I've kept up with all the techie stuff, updating from Photoshop CS1 to CS3, then CS4, and now CS6.

I am also a professional photographer and my husband owns his own business as well. Since we are cheap, I design our own logos, blog layouts, print designs, etc. This also keeps me 'en pointe' regarding design. Also, I use Photoshop for all of my graphic design. I would love Illustrator, but once again, I'm cheap.

I can relate to your craving for a beautiful design without having to break the bank (because, well, I am so so cheap). I love small businesses. I love ideas. I love color. I love design. And I love being challenged creatively. I have the experience, and I love working with people.

So let's get started!

WARNING: I will no longer be offering full blog design. If you want a beautiful brand for your blog/website, I will be offering branding and logo design, but it will be up to you to find your own blog developer. I simply do not have the time anymore to be a designer AND a developer.

Branding and Logo Design
Whether you're a blogger, small business owner, musician, starting a non-profit, or anything else, your branding is SO important. Branding tells a potential customer or fan a great bit about your company before they read anything. Truthfully, when I see a well-designed logo, I will gravitate towards that company/website/store more often than a company who's logo isn't designed well. With my branding service, you will get 3 mock-ups, and after you choose your favorite, you'll have up to 3 revisions of your chosen design. 
Branding and Logo Design // starting at $225.00

A La Carte Digital Design for small businesses
I no longer offer full blog design. If you want to re-vamp your blog/business, this is where branding and logo design (explained above) comes in. My a la carte design is for small things like ads, custom backgrounds, Etsy banners and more. None of the following includes installation. (If you are a business or blog and do not have your branding already in place, you will need to order a branding package before ordering any of the following, except background.)

Background // $25.00
Custom Ad or Button // $15.00
Banner Ad // $25.00
Etsy or Storenvy Banner // $30.00
Facebook Cover Photo Design // $30.00


Print Design
The following is totally customizable, with up to 3 revisions of original design. I will work with you along the way to make sure what you order is perfect for your event, holiday, birthday, gift, or company. The following prices only represent the cost of design. I am able to fulfill print orders, so if this is something you are interested it, contact me at to let me know what you need. (If you are a business or blog and do not have your branding already in place, you will need to order a branding package before ordering any of the following.)

Custom Invitations, Cards, Announcements, Programs, etc // starting at $60.00
Save-the-Dates with photo // starting at $50.00
Save-the-Dates with NO photos // starting at $60.00
Business Card Design // starting at $40.00 for one-sided, $60.00 for two-sided 

Before we start:
  1. E-mail me to let me know you are interested, and what you are interested in. I'll send you a client questionnaire and you can fill it out for me.
  2. If you decide to hire me, I'll send you a PayPal invoice of 50% of your package as a placeholder in my queue.
  3. If you are ordering anything that will be going up on your website/blog, make sure you have a developer in place or know how to install the designs yourself. :)
During the design process:
  1. After you've sent me your questionnaire, we will brainstorm more together by e-mailing back and forth.
  2. When we have ironed mostly everything out design-wise, I will upload a low-resolution copy of your design to a viewing site of mine, and send you the link to see. Each design package will have up to 3 rounds of revisions. Additional edits may result in additional charges.
  3. Once you have okayed everything, I will send you your final invoice. Payment is due prior to the receiving of your design.
  4. I will then send your design/printed product to you!

Logo Design

Logo design for Rare Bird Boutique. See the branding board here.

Logo design for Let Birds Fly. See the branding board here.

Logo design for Klentzman Entertainment.

Branding and A La Carte

Etsy banner and business card design for Rare Bird Boutique. See the branding board here.

 Etsy Banner design for The Crafty Missus

Business card design for Bailey K Photography.

Business card design for Klentzman Entertainment.

Print Design