Monday, December 23, 2013


Last week, we traveled an hour outside of Austin to Johnson City, where we had heard that their town square was full of the most beautiful Christmas lights. Johnson City may be a little town, but they didn't disappoint!

We went on a Monday night, and we encountered only two other small groups of people walking around. We had heard that over the weekend the square is packed, so we were glad we went when we did. There was one vendor selling coffee, hot chocolate, and peach cider, among other snacks. The warm drinks were perfect for the cold walk around the town.

The courthouse, pictured above and just below, were so picturesque with the dangling lights from the roof to the ground. We walked just a couple of blocks from there to find huge oak trees wrapped in a total of 1.3 million lights. It finally felt like Christmas to sit under the twinkled trees and sip cider. After I was warmed up a little, I had my fun roaming around taking photos and spinning under the lit-up tree branches (does everyone spin under Christmas lights or is it just me?).

Johnson City's town square is filled with old brick and mortar shops all dressed up for Christmas as well, so walking around the town is a must. And it was a great alternative to the crowds of a busy city at Christmastime.

If you're in the Austin area, or even driving by, do yourself a favor and check out these amazing lights in Johnson City. You still have lots of time! They will be up until January 1st.

[All photos were taken in December 2013.]

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  1. how lovely! Your pictures turned out great!!

  2. Those trees are pure magic!! Fab job on the pictures :)