Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Yes, I'm going to Hope Spoken. I told myself that I would never go to a blogging conference, but here I am. Going to one. (But I guess it's not just for bloggers, so hey! I might be staying true to my promise! Hah.)

I might have told myself that I would never go to one, but then I found out that my BBF (best blogger friend), Meghan, is going. And it's in Dallas, which is only like 3 hours from me. When Hope Spoken announced last week on their Facebook page that they only had 18 seats left, I talked to my husband about it, and he told me I had to go, even if only to just be able to spend time with Meghan. Haha!

Today, bloggers from all over are posting 5 things about the conference and linking up so we can all "meet" each other.

-Post your picture so we can recognize you.
-Introduce yourself.
-Share something that you are timid or nervous about for the weekend of the conference.
-Share something that you are hoping to take away from Hope Spoken.
-Share something fun/random about yourself.

I'm Bailey, a wife, photographer, graphic designer, traveler, adventurer, health nut, and mom to two great danes. I'm currently suffering from Chronic Lyme disease, which is pretty debilitating and comes with a whole lot of suckiness, so everything that I usually love to do in my life has taken a backseat to my health. I believe Jesus is my Jehovah Rapha!

I am nervous about my health while I'm at the conference. Since my disease effects my energy level, brain funtioning, nerve functioning, muscles, bones, and many other things, I barely have the energy to even blog right now. I'm nervous about having to miss out on some of the things while I'm at the conference. Also, I'm a textbook introvert, which means that being around that many people will tire me out that much faster.

I'm hoping to leave with encouragement. That's all. My life is so not what I want it to be right now, since I have to focus every last effort onto my health, but I'm usually okay with that. I just need constant encouragement to keep going, since my health journey is (and has already been) a long, hard, and painful one. It's hard not getting to engage in the things I love to do anymore. Maybe Hope Spoken will help me become engaged in something else that I can do.

And random fact? I love being up high. When I travel, I like to find the highest (or tallest) place/mountain/building I can to see the view. I love sky-diving, roller coasters, rock-climbing, hiking mountains, cliff jumping, and sitting window seat on a plane. I'm even a certified ropes course facilitator, and my favorite thing to do with that job is the set-up, since you have to climb to the highest places on the course to set up everything. :)

Are you going to Hope Spoken? Find me on Instagram and Twitter so we can connect!

Tickets are sold out at the time, but they are going to add more tickets since so many more people want to come. Follow Hope Spoken on Facebook to keep updated!

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  1. You two are so precious. I love that you're bbf's. So sweet. Do you write about your health problems on your blog? I'd be interested to read more of your story.

  2. Hey Bailey! Well first - you're adorable! And so is this blog! Second, I'm a photographer as well! And third, I'm praying God gives you supernatural strength to enjoy every minute while you are there! I'm hoping this will also be a time of rest and spiritual refreshing for us women who push ourselves much too hard! I look forward to meeting you!