Friday, April 27, 2012


this is seriously the easiest juice you can make. one ingredient. that's it: only black grapes. sometimes i think of putting something else with the grapes, but then i just can't. it's so good, i don't want to devalue it! :) silly me.

this black grape juice tastes like grape starbursts. seriously. when i first took a sip, nostalgia flooded into my brain. it only took me seconds to think of what it reminded me of. it is so good! and look at that pretty magenta color! lovely.

also, talk about packed with antioxidants! with juice, you'd be getting your fill of antioxidants without getting too full. :)

Black Grape Juice
1 bunch of black seedless grapes

juice ingredients. pour over ice, whisk, and serve.

try it!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

exodus 35 creativity party #27

so sorry again for not having the party up last week. once again, i was out of town. but i am back now, and ready for you to share your amazing springtime projects!

p.s. can you believe it's almost may?! whew. time is really getting away from me. :)

here are my favorite projects from two weeks ago:
1. wow. this light bulb balloon from a winding road is the cutest.
2. when i get a garden, i'm totally doing this. check out a neat way to make plant markers, from the crafty scientist.
3. spray paint makes everything better! check out this cute lantern from vixenmade.
4. go see an amazing fire place re-do over at just simply live.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my insta.week #12

i know, i know. it's been over a week since i've posted! bleh. sorry, guys. i've been traveling again. this time to a conference in the midwest. so we decided to make a road trip out of it! we were able to visit friends in kansas city and in fayetteville. here's some highlights of the trip:
1. we visited my life-long friend, hayley, and her husband in kansas city, mo. this is their backyard and i love it! so big and so green!
2. after our conference in springfield, illinois, we dropped by to visit abe lincoln's old 'hood. this is his house.
3. driving by st. louis. we didn't have the time to stop, but we will visit someday! :)
4. camping with my sister at the buffalo river. so pretty!

5. still at the buffalo. we decided to name this place "gimli's cove." yes, after the dwarf in lord of the rings. we are dorks. :)
6. perfectly clear, cold water.
7. our dogs. the blind leading the blind. :)
8. our new pin in kansas city!

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have a happy tuesday!
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

my insta.week #11

hey everyone! how has your week been? after easter, we were pretty busy throughout the week. and on thursday, the hubs and i left for another road trip. but this time it was for business. okay, and a little bit of pleasure, too.

we left thursday to head to the midwest for a conference. but this weekend, we got to visit friends of ours in kansas city. it was so fun! but tomorrow the conference starts. hopefully it won't be too boring!

here are my instagrams for the past week:
1. easter sunday with ecclesia church at jones plaza in downtown houston!
2. my niece, bri, trying to act like a monkey. i love her.
3. fun time at the park with family. that's my bro-in-law, reggie, and my nephew, trey.
4. great day at the houston zoo!

5. look at all those dandelions! crazy.
6. my pup, in heaven. hangin out the window on a car ride! :)

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have a happy monday!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

exodus 35 creativity party #26

thanks to everyone who linked up last week! i hope y'all had a great easter, and utilized all of the easter craft ideas all over the blogosphere! :)

here are my favorite projects from last week:
1. you must know by now that i can't resist anything map related. :) check out this map bunting from teresa d. boyd.
2. herbs in mason jars? who wouldn't like that?! lynette shows us how she did it at casa de luna.
3. did you know that you can paint couches? see how over at the sasse life.
4. i love natural methods of dying things. it's better for you and (in my opinion) the colors are prettier. more natural. go check out amy's egg dye methods from love bug.


i made this juice a few times during my juice fast, but i feel like i'm making it more now! it's yummy and super good for you.

since it has mint in it, you get leafy greens in your juice that don't taste like grass. ;) people don't usually think of mint as a leafy green vegetable, but it totally is. and a tasty one, at that!

this is definitely my new favorite juice. the mint and the pineapple pair together so well. and this juice is totally customizable. the other day, i added strawberries for an extra kick. so good!

Minty Pineapple Juice
1/4 pineapple
2 fuji or gala apples
1 bunch mint

1. juice the mint first, running it through the juicer a good 3-5 times. you won't get much juice from the mint, but it will be enough, and PACKED with nutrients.
2. juice the apple and the pineapple.
3. pour over ice, whisk, and serve.

YUM! hope you enjoy!
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Monday, April 9, 2012

my insta.week #10

sorry i have been post-less lately. there has been so much going on lately, and i've taken a lot of time just to spend with family and friends. and setting aside that time has been such a blessing. so thanks for not berating me for my lack of posts! :)

here are my instagrams for the past week. i will be linking up to these blogs: life rearranged, a good life, and story of my life.
1. lavender jeans and orange toes...happy spring!
2. the booth at my first ever vendor show as Bailey K Photography!
3. houston infrastructure looks like pi.
4. lilypads...i heart springtime! :)

5. it's so sunny outside! glad i have my sweet seafoam sunglasses!
6. learning about texas history at the san jacinto monument.
7. east texas wetlands. doesn't seem that big of a deal, but actually quite pretty.
8. good day for a picnic in the park. i love my pup!

9. under the shade trees. such a great day!
10. probably the most beautiful wedding venue ever: elmwood gardens.
11. march showers brought april flowers! (at least in texas)
12. pretty night for a wedding. and literally NO mosquitos. weird and awesome.

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btw, congrats and welcome to all the new instagram users on android! yay!!

oh, and what do y'all think about facebook buying instagram? i don't mind changes here and there (it's still a free app, after all), but i hope instagram stays awesome! :)
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

exodus 35 creativity party #25

thanks for linking up last week, everyone! i've loved seeing everyone's easter and spring projects. here are my faves from last week:
1. these handprint easter lilies from would be so fun to do with the kids, and they are so cute!
2. woah. head on over to i heart my glue gun and see how janet re-did her kitchen on the cheap. so beautiful!
3. these homemade popsicles from under the shade tree would be so useful for me in texas right now! :)
4. how cute is this popsicle stick art from how do u like them apples?

Monday, April 2, 2012

my insta.week #9

so, like i said last week, i'm discontinuing my instagram party. so sorry to the (very few) people who linked up every week.

i'll still be posting all of my instagrams for the week, but instead of having my own party, i will be linking up to others. to you who are interested, here are the blogs i will be linking to every week: life rearranged, a good life, and story of my life.

anyway, here's my instagrams for the last two weeks:
1. driving through arizona...i loved our roadtrip so much.
2. the painted desert in arizona. amazing!
3. our little casita in taos, new mexico.
4. we had so much fun sledding in taos!

5. the beautiful view from our casita in taos.
6. it was cold that morning. i love it!
7. ski time on the pretty mountains!
8. look who we got to ski with! ohh yeahhh. lucky us!
9. i missed this guy too much! he's so amazingly silly.
10. added more pins to our travel map! we loved our trip through the southwest!
11. i heart artichoke season! and my local farmer's market. :)
12. sometimes i go to my parents' house just to steal things and walk through their garden.

13. new hair!
14. finished up a trade show in galveston, and then enjoyed the island!

 hope you had a good week!
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