Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Hi, I'm Ashley! I am a novice mother, a loving wife, and an obsessive crafter. Because my creativity never stops, I opened my shop: ZLilly Accessories. ZLilly offers fun budget friendly kids shirts & bodysuits. I enjoy playing with different fabrics and simplistic hand-cut designs to make special gifts and memorable moments.  Choose from a variety of unique designs to suit your child's personality and interests or let me make your vision come to life through a custom order. ZLilly shirts and bodysuits are great for Christmas gifts, wedding parties, baby showers, family pictures, birthdays, etc.

>>For Let Birds Fly readers, I am offering a 15% discount with the code LETBIRDSFLY15 through December 1st, 2012.

Other craft mediums also speak to me; I just can't help but make all sorts of things. My blog, How Do U Like Them Apples?, is my creative outlet for paper crafting, jewelry making, dirtying my kitchen and other sewing projects. Sometimes things I make on my blog make it to my shop as well...and if you see something specific from the blog you can't live without (but don't want to make yourself), I'd be happy to create something just for you.

Some examples of ZLilly Accessories:

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Ooooh, better act quick on that promo code!! This stuff would be PERFECT for Christmas presents, and the promo code comes with PERFECT timing for Christmas!!

Ashley has such cute things in her shop!! When I'm a mom, I'm gonna be all over that. Seriously. :)

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