Monday, February 27, 2012

my insta.week party #5

i've been kinda under the weather this past week. that's the reason you haven't seen me since wednesday. i pretty much slept all day thursday, friday, and saturday. i'm finally feeling better though. i'll let you know more about it when i post my next juicing recipe!

being sick was also the reason for my instagrams to be overloaded with my dog. my beloved quinn helped me through this rough time! :)  for real, he had me singing: "quinn is my strength when i am weak, quinn is the treasure that i seek..."

oh wait. that's a worship song. i mean JESUS. jesus is my strength when i am weak, not quinn. oops! i think god can forgive accidental blasphemy when i'm woozy because of being sick, right?

jk, jk. i don't blaspheme. that's just unforgivable! ;)

ANYWAY.... on to instagrams. here they are for the week!
1. he's the cutest. i love him so much!
2. blonde hair says bye-bye. :/  i need run more when the sun's out!
3. me: "what happened when the dog went to the flea circus?" quinn: "i dunno, mumma." me: "he stole the show!" quinn: "AHahahhaha that's funny, mumma!"
4. my sweet boy visiting his mama while she's sick and in bed.
5. this is the only work i did all week. just a little bit of editing.
6. back in bed, quinn comes in to hold my hand. he's worried about his sick mama.
7. dear lord, please use this juice to help me feel better. :)
8. it's just quinn making sure the mean old hair dryer isn't killing me.
9. quinn found a stick as big as HE is! (as you can tell, this is the only photo outside my home this week. i was feeling better, and took quinn to the dog park.)

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  1. I need to start doing this! What template do you use for the row of 3 pics? Did you make your own in photoshop?

  2. Sorry, I forgot about it last week, but I definitely will this FRiday!! YAY!

  3. Aww I love Quinn holding your hand!