Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i've been to lotsa cool places. i traveled to many of them before i ever had a blog. and even some when i did have a blog, but i just wasn't a good blogger. oopsie! if you know me at all through my blog (or know me forreal), you know that i love to travel. i also have a lot of hobbies, and therefore my blog isn't specialized at all. (which genre would you put my blog in? hmm...maybe the health/food/travel/craft/photography/spiritual genre? i just wish there was a genre called "hobby collectors" for my poor blog.)

anyway, i would love for my blog to also be a resource...a blog where people can see these cool places i've been, and then go there themselves! that's why i have decided to post photos of my past travels...for you guys! i'll tell you about the trip, what i did, where i stayed, etc, and you can either go "ooh me wanna go..." or "meh, not for me."

this trip was way back in march of 2008, during my last semester in college. i had decided that my last spring break was going to be the best ever, so i devised a little road trip, taking along my best friend, cynthia, and my then boyfriend (now hubby) mark. our first stop was white sands national monument, just outside of alamogordo, new mexico. we stayed a few miles away in cloudcroft, nm in a small hostel nestled in the lincoln national forest called cloudcroft mountain park hostel. this hostel is awesome! the owners were very accommodating and the place was cheap, cute, and comfy. it is also near ski areas and hiking trails.

when we got to white sands, we were just in awe. the place is so vast. and white. and awesomely sandy. really soft sand. fun fact: the white sands missile range is right next door, where the military tests missiles, bombs, aircrafts, and tons of other crazy stuff!

cynthia was impressed:
oh no! looks like cynthia got her foot stuck!

we had fun jumping and sliding down the dunes. of course, mark had to show off every chance he got:
aww...the lovebirds, before they got betrothed:
the pretty sand up close:
the sun beginning to set:
mark and cynthia playing with their shadows:
and drawing in the sand:

and then mark decided to give a demonstration to all the guys out there how to romantically propose to a girl. cynthia really took her acting gig seriously. :)
pretty sunset:
the next morning we came back and spent a few hours sledding down the dunes. it was so much fun! we have videos of it, but i have no idea where they are. this was us after sledding. mark and cynthia didn't match on purpose, i promise. :)

and here's a photo of a trail right outside our hostel that we hiked for a little bit before leaving:

that's it. isn't it an awesome place?! you should totally go! ok bye. more of my travels to come!

[All photos were taken in March 2008.]


  1. Hi I'm brand new to your world and that white sand place is really amazing. Yes...I would love to go there...bucket list No. 89! So many things to do and places to go. My blog is all about Sophie my Labradoodle from her POV so take a look sometime and maybe the east coast of Canada may be your next destination. Ron

  2. What amazing place, WOW
    Greetings from Finland

  3. Great shots! Love the last one!

  4. I absolutely adore your photographs! You have an amazing talent. Been to White Sands with my family while my husband was stationed close to the area. Such a gorgeous place!

    Thank you for sharing a part of your world with us at Communal Global! Hope you link up again with us this week. =)

  5. Getting some blog hopping in and saw yours of White Sands and had to stop and take a peek... How fun! Your photos are awesome and love seeing y'all playing in the sand :o) I am impressed by your hubby's flipping skills! (something our son would be doing! haha)

    I went to Alamogordo High School, way way way back (um...yeah wow! that would be coming up on 30 years! Yikes!). Met my hubby at Holloman AFB, married and had our first daughter there too...Cloudcroft was awesome to go skiing, tubing and cherry picking.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    So fun meeting you and hope you get a chance to stop by :o)

  6. Been there, done that. :) But not in a really long time! I'm from NM and went to NMSU to college... But the last time I went to White Sands was... gosh... 10 years ago! I had to have been like 12 or 13-ish... or less. But it's the neatest place! And your photos are just gorgeous!

  7. Found your blog through HOH..looking at the sugar scrubs..I just made some also..I love it! After checking that out..I noticed the title White Sands, NM. I haven't met very many people that have been there, let alone heard of it! It's such a beautiful, amazing place to visit.