Tuesday, January 5, 2010

almost 7 weeks old!

quinn turns 7 weeks old tomorrow. he's gotten so big already. and he's learned so much. he finally likes his collar and his leash. he is finally sleeping through the night (pretty much) and he likes to travel in the car! which is great for us. he is almost potty trained, and he is getting along better with henry. henry loves him, but he just wants to play all the time and for quinn, that means getting knocked around by henry since he's so much bigger right now. it's getting better, though!

quinn likes henry... most of the time.

quinn when he first came home.

quinn in the cold snow on christmas eve -- he didn't like it very much.

in his huge crate. took this picture for good picture reference for his growth. here he was 6 weeks and weighed 9 pounds.

here he is 6.5 weeks old.

yay leash!

in other news, we've almost got mark's website up and running! so excited. i'll post the link on here when it's ready. we also ordered new business cards that i designed, and they should be in tomorrow or the next day. mark already has 16 weddings booked for 2010, but we are able to do way more! who knows, this might become a full time thing in the future. we'll see.

i have decided to start my own business for rec therapy on top of working for plano parks and rec TR department. just contract work, though, so it's stuff i've already done, except i get to be my own boss this time and get paid what i should! yay! it is taking some time to get started, though, so still no extra mula. pray for that, though!

we haven't been able to go to the village lately because of weddings on the weekend and we miss it! we won't be able to go pretty much all of january, either. sad. but at least they have podcasts.

i'm sure there is much more i could update on, but i don't feel like writing a novel. we love quinn! that's pretty much the gist of it. we are blessed.