Wednesday, December 9, 2009

quinn, 3 weeks old.

we visited quinn again, 2 days before he was 3 weeks old. his eyes are open way more, his attentiveness has increased, and he is voicing his opinions! so cute. cynthia went with us. he loved her too. we can't wait to bring him home.

ahh! so precious.

we'll be back to post more! (but probably just more photos of quinn.)

Friday, December 4, 2009

new addition!

we're getting a puppy! i've wanted a great dane my whole life, and mark decided to start searching for breeders in the area. well, we found one and went on monday to see the litter! doing this convinced matt to get jana the dog of her dreams as well, and they now have a dogo (argentinian mastiff)! they decided to get it on monday and it flew in from cali on wednesday. it is 12 weeks old and already 45 pounds! his name is henry.

we decided on one of the great dane pups when we visited on monday, and put down a deposit! we will be able to take him home on the 23rd, when he is 5.5 weeks old. his name is quinn. such a good christmas present to ourselves.

mark and quinn @ 1.5 wks old.

me and quinn with his daddy, rowdy.

mark with quinn and rowdy.

and here's quinn @ 2 weeks.

isn't he so great?! he makes silly faces all the time and i love it. we get to see him whenever we want, and we're going back next week; he'll be 3 weeks old! we can't wait to have him in the house with the other dog, henry. they'll be bffs.