Thursday, April 10, 2014


On my last Florence post, I took you guys through Michelangelo Square. I mentioned there, but I'll mention again here: we loved Michelangelo Square so much that we went twice during our time in Florence. The second time was during sunset. This whole post is dedicated to that beautiful Tuscany sunset.

Michelangelo Square is a perfect place to see panoramic views of Florence, but it's an even better place to see the sunset. Have you guys ever seen a Tuscany sunset? They are AMAZING. We were so blessed to have ventured up to the square again, since this was the only sunset we were able to see while in Tuscany.

I'm in love with the quintessential Tuscany hazy and rolling hills. The sun literally makes the hills look yellow, which I've only ever seen in movies and photos.

Aren't sunsets here perfect? I'm in love.

[All photos taken in April 2013.]

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Friday, April 4, 2014


Trying to explain how beautiful Austin is to someone who hasn't been here is so so hard. Almost everyone (even Texans at times) has preconceived notions of the state of Texas that transcend even to Austin. It's hard to get past those prejudices. You know the ones: "Texas is just a desert" or "Texas is full of farmland". While Texas does contain these two landscapes (and they are both quite beautiful, I might add), when I tell non-Texans that gorgeous blue and green rivers scale across and shape the Texas Hill Country, they are baffled. "There are rivers in Texas?"

This is why I'm glad I blog. Instead of trying to explain, I get to SHOW you why Texas is so beautiful.

The Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of my favorite places to bring people who don't live in Austin. It's not a hugely well-known tourist spot, so I love blowing people away with its beauty. (I love being a tour guide!)

Barton Creek Greenbelt East is full of clear water, small waterfalls, lagoons, cliffs, and gorgeous vegetation. Hiking through, you'll find mountain bikers, trail runners, dog walkers, climbers, and just people who love to enjoy the outdoors. The eastern section of the Barton Creek trail consists of landmarks such as Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls (both pictured).

Barton Creek Greenbelt East can be accessed just off two intersecting highways (either MoPac or 360). I'll have to share the western part of the trail system on another post. Hope you enjoy!

[All photos taken in December 2013.]

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