Friday, October 17, 2014


Horsetail Falls is a great waterfall to visit that's right off the Historic Columbia River Highway. And when I say right off the highway, I mean you just park your car and step outside of it and you're there, right in front of the waterfall. Easy peasy!

This also appears to be a great spot to swim in, as the falls aren't too rough and the water is fairly shallow and easy to access. To me, the neatest part of this Horsetail Falls was the crevasse it's water carved out of the rock face, and the rocks themselves.

If you're interested in a hike, the Horsetail Falls Trailhead is located at this spot, and will take you to another waterfall, Ponytail Falls.

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[All photos were taken in August 2014.]

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We saw so many waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge, including Multnomah Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (and with more waterfalls to come!), so it was great to drive up to Crown Point for a great view of all that encompasses the Columbia River Gorge.

The view was super impressive. You know how they say that everything's bigger in Texas? Not true. Our rivers are, at the most, half the width of the Columbia River. Now, I'm not complaining. I LOVE my rivers. But our rivers that have water as gorgeous as this are usually spring-fed, so they're small. Simply put, the Columbia is just big and pretty. :)

I also loved the small streams winding off the river into the green meadows, the cliffs and hills in the background, and the small beaches along the banks of the rivers.

The Vista House is a good place to pull over to get some great views, but there are a few more up at Crown Point.

[All photos were taken in August 2014.]

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Monday, October 13, 2014


After Bridal Veil Falls, we drove 5 minutes down the road to the most iconic waterfall in Oregon, Multnomah Falls. Just like Bridal Veil, Multnomah Falls is located along the Columbia River Gorge. Since it's the most famous of all the waterfalls in the area, it is probably the most crowded, as well.

The falls are two-tiered with a total of 620 feet between the two, being the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon. The hike up to the bottom of the upper falls isn't hard at all, and is fully accessible (paved).

Multnomah Falls has always been one of those places that has been at the top of my list since I was in high school. Surprisingly, it wasn't my favorite waterfall of the bunch (you'll see that one in a later post), although breathtakingly beautiful. I just thought that it WOULD be my favorite, that's all. It was probably my second-favorite. :)

Multnomah Falls is just something that you need to see, especially since it's only a little over 30 minutes outside of Portland.

[All photos were taken in August 2014.]

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