Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We were brought to Tucson a second time for work (see what we did on our first visit to Tucson). Mark was hired to DJ a wedding, and so we were flown in for the weekend. We love free travel! ;)

This time, we took a trip to Sabino Canyon, which is on the north side of Tucson. The weather was amazing; I still can't believe how blue the sky was while we were there. Just look at it!

Sabino Canyon is a perfect place for a day hike, even if you only have a couple of hours. There's a road that leads up to the canyon, and a tram that takes you up and down if you wish. I recommend taking the tram up and hiking the whole way down like we did, so you can explore and have time to take a million photos. I mean, if we hadn't hiked down, we wouldn't have found a little lagoon with water and rocks to climb on. Or see an actual roadrunner. Or find a weird cactus with yellow pineapple-looking things on it.

And once again, I got to visit my friends, the saguaros! I love this type of cactus so so much. They are so tall and have so much personality. And every one of them is different. We loved pretending like we were each one, especially if one had a weird arm. :)

Ahh. I just love the desert. So much color and beauty. If you're in Tuscon, don't miss out on Sabino Canyon!

[All photos were taken in December 2012.]

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Every October (until recently because of health issues), we would try to take a big backpacking trip. A few years ago, we went to Guadalupe Mountains National Park for a backcountry camping trip. We had to cut that short unexpectedly since we weren't really up to date on the reality of my declining health (read: denial).

Since we left the mountains earlier than anticipated, we stopped at Balmorhea State Park on the way back home, a place that I had always wanted to visit. Balmorhea State Park is home to the world's largest spring-fed swimming pool. The pool covers 1.75 acres and is up to 25 feet deep in some places. The pool stays 72-75 degrees year-round and is a favorite of scuba divers because of the clarity even at the 25-foot depths.

Balmorhea State Park is literally an oasis in the midst of the Chihuahuan Desert. It is amazing and so so beautiful.

Since we were there in October, it wasn't necessarily chilly yet (I mean, it IS Texas), but it was just a bit to cold for me (probably in the 70s) to jump into 72 degree water. But not for Mark! He saw the higher-than-normal diving board, and was instantly all for it. He made friends with a pre-teen boy by showing him back flips, swan dives, and other stupid things. :)

Wouldn't you just love to be able to frequent this oasis? I just wish Balmorhea State Park wasn't so far away! Texas is just too big. :)

[All photos taken in October 2011.]

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