Remembering Quinn

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Right now I’m not caring much about this blog. My baby boy has passed away. He was my firstborn, my child, my dog that wasn’t really a dog – more like a person, part of my family, my confidant, my uplifter.

Quinn died suddenly from lung lobe torsion and chylothorax. I don’t really want to go into it, but he showed no symptoms of anything whatsoever until about 36 hours before he passed. He passed away 2 days after his 5th birthday, on November 20th. He was scheduled for surgery to hopefully fix the problem, but his body couldn’t handle the pain, and he passed before he was even prepped for surgery.

Quinn taught me more about forgiveness, love, compassion, trust, patience, and kindness than any bible study or any person ever did. He was definitely a provision for me sent from the Lord. Quinn was the BEST dog – the most caring, sweetest, most obedient, most loving, most trustworthy, and funniest dog ever. He was a great big brother, and he helped me tremendously through my bad days dealing with Lyme.

I don’t mourn for his life; he came with us on many trips, camping, and backpacking, got to play frisbee every week, had great friends (of both human and dog variety), ate amazing food, sniffed every ounce of the trails in Austin, and was loved on by so many. But I do mourn for how he died and for how short of a time he was with us. I mourn for us – that we won’t get to play with him and love on him anymore. And I mourn for Mozart. Mozart is already missing his big brother and best playmate.

Please pray for Mark, Mozart, and me. This is so hard on all of us. And we just don’t think it’s fair that he’s gone. We are completely and utterly heartbroken.

Not many people know, but I can’t have children of my own. My health issues prevent that, as well as prevent me from adopting. So I did all I could to love Quinn as much as I could. But I can’t help but feel guilty for everything that happened to him, and guilty because of all of my sick days caused by Lyme.

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Your mom, dad, and brother love you so much, Quinn. We’ll love you forever. So many people and dogs miss you. I’m so sorry for what you went through. I wish I could have saved you, and I wish I could’ve given you more.

Dreaming of Gulf County, Florida in the Winter!

This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Let Birds Fly.


This fall has already seemed colder than usual in most of the US. I can’t imagine how the winter is going to be! I’m already dreaming of blue skies and the warm sun on my back with a perfect breeze against my face. I guess that’s what happens usually; in the winter I yearn for spring, in the summer I yearn for colder months.

Gulf County, Florida makes it easier for you to access your dreams of sunny skies in the winter time. So come visit GCFL! With 43 miles of natural shoreline, the gulf almost everywhere you turn, almost no high-rises, and busy highways far away, being in Gulf County makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. With two stoplights and spotty Wi-Fi, it is the perfect place to unplug and unwind. It would be perfect for Mark and me, knowing how hard it is for us to disconnect.


GCFL has so many events and things to do in the winter. I’d love to go kayaking and horseback riding along the beach, but a sunset cruise would be the think I’d love most to do. Since many of the beaches are westward-facing, the sunsets are spectacular.

You have your pick of adventures around every corner of GCFL, even in the winter. The St. Joseph Bay Buffer Preserve has dozens of rare plants, and hikes through St. Joseph Peninsula State Park will give you scenes of white sand dunes as big as a house. Kayaking the mysterious Dead Lakes will give you a surprise with every turn, including beautiful Cypress trees. Fish off a pier, build a bonfire and stargaze at night, or ride a bike along the seaside. The adventures are endless!


You’ll feel just at home with get-togethers hosted by GCFL from January till March. It’s so friendly that you’ll meet life-long friends at their winter fun events. From cocktail hours to cruises to karaoke, it’s easy to meet friendly faces.

The best part for me?! GCFL is very pet-friendly. Yay!

Be sure to take a look at their website and everything that Gulf County Florida has to offer!

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